Thursday, July 12, 2007

Automated XML pagination workflows in the big league

Presenter: Adrian Stanley, CEO, The Charlesworth Group (USA)
Thursday, July 12, 2007
2:55 PM - 3:55 PM in SFUHC Earl and Jennie Lohn Floor Policy Room




The Charlesworth Group has been in the printing/publishing for nearly 20 years and has been working with SGML/XML/3B2 for 15 years.

from raw Word document (from author/peer review) to pdf document - a step by step walkthrough along the workflow

workflow diagram of documents processing (copy editor, production editor, the charlesworth group, charlesworth china via the Internet)

Styled Word RTF file --> XML, energy data

Advent 3b2 does the auto-pagination

The use of templates that can be selected to create certain style as required by the type of article

Online tracking systems - using e-mails for notification to different people at different stages involved

Compare workflow:
autoproof workflow is faster than conventional workflow

benefits of structured xml driving workflow
improvements in editing function, core competences
users: BMJ, Nature, PLoS, RSC, Allen Press
flexible workflow, adaptable, tested and trusted
standards of auto-proofs
time and cost saving
quality and flexibility

operation is worldwide (usa and china) - relation with xml based workflow

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